Young, Out, and Understanding

Taking a step back

It's a funny story to my realization that I am Bisexual. I knew I had some sort of an interest in girls back in 1st grade, but shook it off as a crush that no one else should know. My interest in girls after 1st grade just didn't come up again until 7th-grade summer. I was aware that my parents wouldn't take it badly, however, I was ready to tell them. Anyways, that summer I had a dream of a girl kissing me, and Oh God I felt things a lot more than what I would feel with a guy. And even to this day, I have a stronger attraction towards girls. The first person I have ever come out to was in my same class and will always have a special place in my heart for her. As a result, she too was part of the LGBT community and made me feel accompanied throughout my identity journey :).
That same year, my mom found a love letter that I tried writing to my crush. And yeah, not to my surprise she shed some tears. It went against her traditions, but was well aware that I was growing up and I may result in being something other than straight. So she mentally prepared herself for me to come out to her when I was ready. After 8th grade, my father would sometimes come up with a related LGBT topic, then comfort me by saying "you know it is fine if you like girls." And I admit it, I am pretty lucky for the parents I have.
Fast forward to 2020, I was already dating my best friend. On a school night working next to my mother, I started to cry after receiving some texts from my gf. Her mother figured out and it wasn't going to be good at. all. So I knew I had to tell my mother, I was ready because I wanted her to support both me and my gf. I expected more from her, but it was understandable that she needed some time to let it sink in. She still doesn't believe in bisexuality at this age, so she thinks that I am either confused or lesbian, which is like whatever to me because I am happy as long as she doesn't shun me for dating who I love. Over these past few months, she has gotten more comfortable. For those who have parents who are willing to learn more despite their age, give them time. I will assure you that they will be okay with it. It could be a few weeks, months, even maybe years and that will be tough, no doubt. But please please pleasseee, appreciate them for wanting their children to be happy <3.

Submitted By: Emma

From: Earth (at least we hope so...)

Preferred Pronouns: She/her

Submitted At: 2020-04-25 03:23:40

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